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Each museum’s exhibit is important to us. We work with the museum’s gift shop staff to create a unique jewelry and scarf collection that will complement the museum’s exhibition and enhance the visitor’s experience.  We support museum exhibits across the US and take pride in the customized products we provide, the quality of our merchandise, and our timely turn around and delivery response.

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Museum Trunk Shows

Freshwater Pearls Can Dress Up Any Outfit

“Leimomi” is Hawaiian for “wreath of pearls”. Whether you select a single pearl or a wreath, Leimomi Pearls’ designs celebrate the riches of the sea. Leimomi Pearls, LLC offers unusual and elegantly styled jewelry that can seamlessly move from the office to a night out.
By adding the right pearl design you can restyle and give that blue suit or black dress a fresh look, making an old outfit look new!
Women who love to travel know how a pearl necklace can brighten up a casual outfit and make it appropriate attire for a dinner engagement.

Our Team

Cyndi Hope

Cyndi graduated from the United States Military Academy and served for 20 years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps.

Cyndi has always been interested in entrepreneurship, owning a small government contracting corporation and pursuing other small business endeavors before embarking on pearl jewelry design in 2010 with her long time Army friend, Donna.

Cyndi enjoys designing unique jewelry pieces to support museum exhibits along with finding beautiful cashmere and silk accessories. Traveling and visiting the museums and boutiques to assist with sourcing displays is an added bonus that makes this business so interesting.

Donna Mori-Campbell

As the co-owner of Leimomi Pearls; Hawaiian for “wreath of pearls”, I have always treasured the gifts from the ocean. Pearls have always meant understated elegance to me.

As a local girl from Hawaii I wanted to travel and see the world, so I attended university in Oregon and Arizona. After a short stint in the financial profession, I received a direct commission as an Army officer, and traveled the world. This fulfilled my passion to see different places and buy special pieces. In the US Army, I met Cyndi, who also shared my love of travel and shopping, thus Leimomi Pearls was created.
This company has given us the opportunity to shop and provide professional women unique, hand crafted, jewelry and scarves thatt hey can wear with pride.


Freshwater Pearls - Leimomi Pearls - Tall image (3)

Donna and Cyndi are fantastic to work with! I have been working with Leimomi Pearl for over a year. The product line sells. We have increased our jewelry sales by 5%, and for a museum shop that is huge.

The scarves the carry have also been a huge seller as well. I have ran low with my inventory and was able to get a reorder very quickly and receive my order in 3 days! Who does that!

I also receive calls regarding new merchandise or any requests I may have. Now that is customer service!

Let me recommend Leimomi Peal you will be pleasantly pleased.

Travis Marshall, Assistant Director of Retail and Visitor Experience
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The Kennedy Center has worked with Leimomi Pearls for 5 years and they are one of our key and “gold-standard” Trunk Show vendors. Their product quality and variety, interactions with our patrons and sales results are excellent and set the standard for our Trunk Show program. I value the strong working relationship that we have with Cyndi and Donna.

Jodi Zeppelin
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Leimomi Pearls provides gorgeous jewelry and accessories that are always best sellers for us.  They have built a strong following of loyal return customers, as well as never fail to catch the eye of new customers!  We are honored to carry their products in our store.

Tonya Mitchell, Mporium Buyer & Manager

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